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Running in Utah – Trail Run Through Utah’s Mighty 5 Parks

Welcome to Utah, a trail runner’s paradise nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes and stunning natural wonders. With its iconic red rock formations, rugged mountain ranges, and pristine wilderness, Utah offers an unparalleled running experience that will ignite your spirit of adventure. Lace up your shoes and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of this state, where every trail holds the promise of exhilaration and discovery.

When To Run in Utah

Utah’s diverse climate and topography make it a year-round destination for trail running enthusiasts. Spring and fall, from April to June and September to November, offer mild temperatures and vibrant colors as wildflowers bloom and foliage changes.

Summer runs can be enjoyed at higher elevations or during cooler hours of the day, while winter brings the opportunity to experience the serenity of snow-covered trails in lower elevations and the thrill of snowshoe running in the mountains. Utah’s varied seasons provide a playground for runners throughout the year, allowing you to choose the perfect time to explore its scenic trails.

The Must-Run Spots in Utah

Utah is blessed with a multitude of must-run destinations that showcase the state’s awe-inspiring beauty. Begin your adventure in Moab, an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise known for its iconic red rock landscapes. Delve into the otherworldly beauty of Arches National Park and run amidst its towering sandstone arches and unique rock formations. Traverse the mystical trails of Bryce Canyon National Park, where towering hoodoos create an otherworldly atmosphere.

Experience the rugged grandeur of Zion National Park as you navigate its narrow slot canyons and scale its towering cliffs. The alpine wonders of the Wasatch Mountains offer a playground for trail runners, with the renowned trails of Park City and Alta providing a mix of breathtaking scenery and challenging terrain. Utah’s running options are as diverse as its landscapes, ensuring there’s a trail for every runner seeking adventure and natural splendor.

Run Travel Events in Utah – 2023

Utah Running Retreats


Run Wild Retreats – Moab Mindful Running Level II – March 23 – 26, 2023

Head to Moab for a long weekend of guided mindful trail runs, restorative yoga, beautiful desertscapes and farm-to-table dinners. As you take in the red rocks, soaring cliffs and natural arches, become a more at-peace runner as you find a sense of wellbeing you can take with you when you go back to your daily life.


Run Wild Retreats – Moab Mindful Running Level I – April 6 – 9, 2023


Run Wild Retreats – Moab Mindful Running Level I – October 19 – 22, 2023

Engage in practical clinics, informative discussions, and mindful movement to fully immerse yourself in the healing energy of the vibrant desert.

Run Wild Retreats – Moab Mindful Running Level II – October 26 – 29, 2023


Run Wild Retreats – Moab Mindful Running Level I – November 2 – 5, 2023

Embark on Running Adventures Across the United States

While Utah’s trails beckon with their allure, there are numerous other states in the United States waiting to be explored by avid runners.

Discover the coastal charm of Oregon’s Pacific Northwest, revel in the history and tradition of New Hampshire, or soak up the sunshine in Florida. Our expert guides on run travels have curated a selection of extraordinary running adventures across various states in the country.

Unleash your running spirit and let the United States become your playground of thrilling running escapades.

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