Running in Texas

Why trail run in Texas 

Texas offers a diverse range of landscapes for trail running, from lush forests to rugged deserts. The state also has mild winters, making it a great place to run year-round.

When to trail run in Texas

The best time to trail run in Texas is typically during the fall and spring months, when temperatures are mild and the scenery is at its best.

Popular trail running cities in Texas

Austin, Houston, and Dallas are all popular cities for trail running in Texas, as they offer a variety of trails and parks to explore.

Run Experiences in Texas

Run Camps in Texas

Davis Mountains Fitness & Training Camp – West Texas – Since its launch in 1980 as the Davis Mountains Running Camp, this has been one of the premier spots in West Texas to get elevation training in (Fort Davis is located at 5,000′, making it the highest town in the state). The mix of other sports, including cycling, swimming, yoga, and more, makes it the ideal place to get your whole body ready for your next race.

Run Retreats in Texas

Threshold Expeditions – Camino de Big Bend West Texas – Meet West Texas with this 5-day run retreat ‚Äčthat goes from the Chisos Mountains down into the canyons of the Rio Grande, then cross the Chihuahuan Desert. With an active focus on mind-body and spirit, this run adventure will also feature meditations from The Tao Te Ching, Abrahamic Scriptures, and the Poetry of the Southwest.

Run travel in Texas in 2023

See our updated list to find out when the next run travel event is happening in Texas in 2023.

Bucket List Trail Races In Texas

Some of the most popular and challenging trail races in Texas include the Bandera 100K, the Javelina Jundred, and the Rocky Raccoon 100 Mile Endurance Run.

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