Running in Rwanda

Why trail run in Rwanda

Trail running in Rwanda is a unique experience that offers stunning scenery, diverse wildlife, and friendly locals. The country’s hilly terrain also makes for an exciting and challenging run.

When to trail run in Rwanda

The best time to trail run in Rwanda is during the dry seasons, which are June to September and December to February. These months offer the most comfortable temperatures and the least chance of rain.

Popular trail running cities in Rwanda

Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe Forest National Park are popular trail running destinations in Rwanda. Both offer beautiful scenery and a variety of trail options for runners of different skill levels.

Run travel in Rwanda

Run adventures in Rwanda

Active Africa – Rwanda on the Run – Discover the Land of a Thousand Hills by running it! This challenge African run adventure has days between 6 miles (10km) and 15.5 miles (25km), along with the possibility of forest marathon to end the trip.

Rwanda run travel in 2023

See which run adventures you can enjoy this year in Rwanda.

Bucket List Trail Races In Rwanda

Rwanda is the perfect destination for a bucket list trail race due to its incredible natural beauty, challenging terrain, and rich culture. Plus, there’s the added excitement of being able to participate in an international race, and giving an opportunity to explore the country.

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