Running in Nicaragua

Why trail run in Nicaragua

Nicaragua offers diverse and scenic terrain for trail running, including mountains, volcanoes, and forests. The country’s warm climate and friendly locals also make it a popular destination for trail runners.

When to trail run in Nicaragua

The best time to trail run in Nicaragua is during the dry season, which typically runs from November to April. During these months, the trails are typically dry and the weather is cooler.

Popular trail running cities in Nicaragua

Some popular trail running cities in Nicaragua include León, Matagalpa, and Jinotega. These cities offer access to a variety of trails, including those in the surrounding mountains and forests.

Run travel in Nicaragua

Run adventures in Nicaragua

Rogue Expeditions – Run Nica – Spend 8 days exploring the hidden gem of Central America. From the mountainous highlands of Matagalpa and the olonial city of Granada to volcano ascents of Mombacho and the mystical volcanic island of Isla de Ometepe, this is the run adventure you’ve been waiting for.

Nicaragua run travel in 2023

See our updated list with dates for run travel in Nicaragua.

Bucket list trail races in Nicaragua

Bucket list trail races in Nicaragua include the Volcano Race, which takes place on the slopes of the Masaya volcano, and the Selva Negra Trail Run, which takes place in the Selva Negra coffee plantation.

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