Running in Mexico

Why trail run in Mexico

Trail running in Mexico offers diverse landscapes, from lush tropical forests to rugged deserts, as well as rich cultural experiences. The country also has a mild climate, making it ideal for year-round trail running.

When to trail run in Mexico

The best time to trail run in Mexico is during the dry season, which typically runs from November to May. This is when the trails are the most accessible and the weather is the most pleasant.

Popular trail running cities in Mexico

Some popular trail running cities in Mexico include Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara. These cities offer a variety of trails for runners of all skill levels, as well as a vibrant running community.

Run experiences in Mexico

Run adventures in Mexico

Rogue Expeditions – Run Baja – This 7-day running adventure in Baja California, Mexico ranges from the town of Todos Santos on the rugged Pacific coast to the historical mining towns of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains and over to the Sea of Cortez.

Run retreats in Mexico

Aire Libre – Baja California Sea To Sea

Aire Libre – Baja California Sur – This 5-day running retreat blends world-class running trails through the Sierra de Cacahilas and Sierra de la Laguna with farm-to-table cuisine, glamping, and crystal clear night skies.

Aire Libre – Mexico City & Surroundings – Explore Mexico City by foot: from routes running throughout the city to traveling in a traditional «Chinampa» in Xochimilco, this is a run retreat that blends culture and running in a beautiful way.

Aire Libre – Oaxaca, Day of the Dead – Combine exceptional mountain running, yoga, and meditation with a weeklong immersion in Mexican culture, cuisine, and connection in one of Mexico’s most stunning regions.

Mexico run travel in 2023

See the Mexico run travel that’s been announced for this year.

Bucket list trail races in Mexico

Some bucket list trail races in Mexico include the Ultra Caballo Blanco, the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon, and the Trans Mexico. These races offer challenging and scenic routes, as well as a true adventure experience.

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