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Running in Kenya – The Heartland Of Running

Embark on a captivating running adventure in the heartland of distance running excellence, Kenya. Renowned for producing some of the world’s greatest runners, this East African nation offers an unparalleled running experience that combines raw natural beauty, diverse landscapes, and a rich cultural heritage.

Lace up your running shoes and immerse yourself in the rhythm of Kenya as you traverse vibrant cities, majestic national parks, and iconic highland trails. Whether you seek a running holiday, a restorative retreat, or a training camp, Kenya invites you to unleash your spirit of running and embrace the essence of this remarkable destination.

When To Run In Kenya

Kenya’s climate offers optimal running conditions throughout the year, with mild temperatures and varied landscapes. The dry season from January to March and July to October presents ideal running weather, allowing you to explore the country’s magnificent outdoors without the interruption of heavy rainfall.

However, Kenya’s landscapes are evergreen, and even during the wetter months from April to June and November to December, the lush scenery provides a refreshing backdrop for your runs. Whenever you choose to visit, Kenya promises an extraordinary running experience.

The Must-Run Spots In Kenya

Discover the must-run spots in Kenya, where untamed wilderness and cultural heritage converge to create unforgettable running adventures:

Nairobi: Urban Energy and Wildlife Sanctuaries

Begin your journey in Nairobi, the vibrant capital city nestled against the backdrop of the stunning Nairobi National Park. Combine urban exploration with wildlife encounters as you run through the park’s open grasslands, sharing the trails with giraffes, zebras, and gazelles. Experience the unique blend of bustling city life and nature’s wonders as you navigate the streets and avenues of Nairobi. For a more challenging adventure, venture to the nearby Ngong Hills, where rolling hills and breathtaking vistas await.

Maasai Mara National Reserve: Wildlife Safari and Trail Running

Immerse yourself in the iconic landscapes of the Maasai Mara National Reserve, a world-renowned wildlife haven. Combine the thrill of a wildlife safari with invigorating trail runs along the vast savannah, where you may encounter elephants, lions, zebras, and wildebeests. The Maasai Mara offers a truly unforgettable running experience amidst untamed nature and the rich cultural heritage of the Maasai people.

Mount Kenya: Highland Trails and Alpine Beauty

Conquer the majestic Mount Kenya, Africa’s second-highest peak, as you navigate its challenging trails and witness awe-inspiring alpine scenery. Traverse through dense bamboo forests, moorlands adorned with vibrant wildflowers, and rocky ridges that lead to panoramic vistas. Mount Kenya offers a thrilling mountain running experience for those seeking elevation and a unique connection with nature.

Run Travel Events in Kenya 2023

Running Holidays in Kenya


Strive Trips – Footsteps of Champions – August 1 – 12, 2023

Run and adventure through Kenya’s Rift Valley in this 12-day trip. You’ll have daily runs of up to 12 miles that culminate in a 5k, 10k or half-marathon race as you train alongside world-class athletes and coaches. Then enjoy the adventure as you share the road with zebras and giraffes, try an African safari to find the Big 5, and consider add-on trips to Diana Beach on the coast or up to Mt. Kenya.

Rogue Expeditions – Run Kenya – August 5 – 13, 2023

If Kenya is on your bucket list to visit, this is the trip to take it over the top. This Kenya run adventure will have you exploring the Great Rift Valley, spotting the Big 5 (and so much more!), and running on the same training grounds of world-record holding distance runners. Over nine days, you’ll run on those red dirt roads with local athletes, then refuel and recover at unique lodges and luxury safari camps each night. That noise in the distance? Oh, that’s just the lions.

Running Camps in Kenya


Train in Kenya – Kenya Experience – March 5 – 18, 2023

Running Mecca – Kenya High Altitude Training Camp – March 18 – 25, 2023

Spend a week in Iten, Kenya, for the 2023 High Altitude Training Camp Spring Edition. Located 30 minutes from Nairobi, the Home of Champions is one of the running meccas of the world, and a great place for twice-a-day workouts to get your running to the next level.


Train in Kenya – Kenya Experience – August 13 – 26, 2023

Train in Kenya – Kenya Experience – August 27 – Sept 29, 2023

Expand Your Running Horizons

Kenya is just the beginning of a world filled with extraordinary running adventures. Let our supporting articles be your guide to remarkable destinations across the globe. Experience the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand, the ancient wonders of Greece, or the rugged beauty of Patagonia. Unleash your running potential and explore the world one stride at a time.

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