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Running in Florida – Discover Your Stride In The Sunshine State

Calling all runners! Get ready to experience a running paradise like no other in the Sunshine State of Florida. With its year-round warm weather, stunning coastal landscapes, and diverse running routes, Florida is the ultimate destination for runners seeking a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and vibrant culture. Get your running shoes on, embrace the ocean breeze, and dive into the running essence of Florida.

When To Run in Florida

Florida’s tropical climate makes it an ideal destination for year-round running. Whether you’re drawn to the pristine beaches of Miami, the lush trails of the Everglades, or the charming streets of Key West, Florida offers a running experience for every season. Spring and fall provide pleasant temperatures, allowing you to explore the coastal paths and urban routes comfortably.

Summers invite you to run along the sandy shores, while the mild winters offer relief from the cold in other parts of the country. No matter when you visit, Florida’s sunny weather and beautiful landscapes will keep your running spirit alive.

The Must-Run Spots in Florida

Florida is teeming with incredible running spots that showcase the state’s natural beauty and vibrant cities. Start your journey in Miami, where the iconic South Beach and Ocean Drive create an energetic backdrop for your runs. Venture into the Everglades National Park, a unique ecosystem filled with trails that wind through swamps, marshes, and dense forests.

For a change of scenery, head to the Florida Keys and run across the Seven Mile Bridge, marveling at the stunning ocean vistas. Whether you’re exploring the trails of Ocala National Forest, conquering the urban paths of Orlando, or basking in the charm of St. Augustine’s historic streets, Florida has something to offer every type of runner.

Run Travel Events in Florida – 2023

Florida Running Camps


RunnersConnect – Winter Running Training – Orlando, FL – 2/9/23 – 2/12/23

Beat the winter blues and head down to Orlando for a 4-day running retreat. With warm weather and sunshine, you’ll be in the right state of mind to get ready for your spring races. Enjoy running soft dirt roads amidst orange groves and the best running trails in the Orlando area.

Explore More Run Adventures Across the US

Florida is just the beginning of the endless running possibilities that await you in the United States. From the rugged mountains of Colorado to the scenic trails of California, and from the small towns of Vermont to the picturesque routes of Maine, the entire country is a runner’s dream.

If you’re seeking more exhilarating running retreats, camps, or holidays, our expert guides on run travel have curated a collection of the most extraordinary experiences across various states. Immerse yourself in the natural wonders and diverse running landscapes that the United States has to offer, and let your running journey unfold in new and exciting ways.

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