Running in Colombia

Why trail run in Colombia

Colombia offers diverse terrain and breathtaking scenery for trail running, from lush rainforests to rugged mountains. The country also has a growing trail running community and a variety of organized races to choose from.

When to trail run in Colombia

The best time to trail run in Colombia is during the dry season, which typically runs from December to March. However, some regions can be run year-round depending on the weather.

Popular trail running cities in Colombia

Popular trail running cities in Colombia include Bogotá, Medellín, and Cali.

Run experiences in Colombia

Run camps in Colombia

Running Mecca – Colombia High Altitude Training Camp – Train at high elevation in the countryside lands of Suesca, an hour from Colombia’s capital Bogotá, known for beautiful plantations, scenery, and rock climbing landscapes.

Colombia run travel in 2023

We have a list of updated dates and run travel experiences happening in Colombia this year right here.

Bucket list trail races in Colombia

Some popular trail races in Colombia include the Ultra Trail Los Nevados, the TransAndes Challenge, and the La Ruana Trail.

More about running in Colombia

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