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Running in Chile – An Adventure Filled With Natural Wonder

Welcome to Chile, a country that ignites the spirit of adventure in every runner’s heart. From the majestic peaks of the Andes to the captivating beauty of its coastline, Chile offers a paradise for runners seeking thrilling experiences and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you’re dreaming of a running holiday, a restorative retreat, or a focused training camp, Chile has everything you need to elevate your running journey.

When To Run in Chile

Chile’s unique geography spans a wide range of climates, providing diverse running opportunities throughout the year. In the central region, including Santiago and Valparaiso, spring (September to November) and autumn (March to May) offer mild temperatures and stunning natural colors. The summer months (December to February) bring warmth and longer daylight hours, ideal for coastal runs along the Pacific Ocean.

For those venturing into the northern desert regions, such as San Pedro de Atacama, running in the cooler seasons of autumn and spring is recommended to avoid extreme heat. In the southern parts of Chile, including Patagonia and Torres del Paine National Park, the summer months (December to February) offer the best conditions for trail running, with milder temperatures and longer daylight.

The Must-Run Spots in Chile

Start your running adventure in Santiago, Chile’s vibrant capital, where you can explore the city’s picturesque parks and iconic landmarks. Run along the scenic paths of Parque Forestal, with the stunning backdrop of the Andes Mountains. Head south to the enchanting region of the Lake District, where cities like Puerto Varas and Pucón offer breathtaking lakefront routes and trails through lush forests.

For an epic trail running experience, venture to Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia. Discover the awe-inspiring beauty of the W Trek, a challenging multi-day trail that showcases towering granite peaks, turquoise lakes, and cascading waterfalls. Along the coast, the seaside town of Viña del Mar offers a coastal path known as the “Avenida del Mar,” allowing runners to soak in the refreshing ocean breeze while enjoying stunning ocean views.

Run Travel Events in Chile – 2023

Running Holidays In Chile


Rogue Expeditions – Run Patagonia – January 29 – February 3, 2023 [SOLD OUT]


Rogue Expeditions – Run Patagonia – February 7 – 14, 2023 [SOLD OUT]

Vacation Races – Patagonia [Chile -> Argentina] – February 25 – March 5, 2023

Challenge yourself to make it to the End of the Earth with this 9-day running adventure in Argentina and Chile, from trail runs and hikes that take you past glacier fields and rushing rivers, including running the Sendero al Fitz Trail (and to cross the border between Argentina & Chile!), to delicious grilled meats, vistas, and more that you could find here.


Vacation Races – Patagonia [Argentina -> Chile] – March 11 – 19, 2023


Aire Libre – Lake District, Patagonia – Dec 26, 2023 – Jan 2, 2024

Experience a trail running destination as remote as they come with this 8-day running retreat in Patagonia that takes you from coastal towns to snow-drizzled volcanoes, Pacific fjords, lush rainforests and deep lakes hidden in the Andes mountains.

Beyond the running, you’ll have plenty of changes to enjoy Chilean culture, cuisine and nature. From runs by a hidden beach of the Chiloé National Park to sailing across the Chiloé Archipelago of the Gulf of Corcovado, trekking through forests and up glaciers, the delights never cease.

Run Travel Events in Chile – 2024


Rogue Expeditions – Run Patagonia – February 16 – 23, 2024

This is your chance to see Patagonia’s raw beauty up close and personal. Endless trails and a combative climate make this weeklong run adventure a unique one as you cross fjords, climb mountains, and run by lakes between Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine National Park. Besides the sense of accomplishment from a good day of running, you can also look forward to a nightly feast and plenty of Chilean wine.

Rogue Expeditions – Run Patagonia – February 26 – March 4, 2024

Lace Up and Explore the World

Chile is just the beginning of your run travel journey. As runners, we have the privilege of exploring the most remarkable destinations on Earth. From the mystical trails of Peru’s Sacred Valley to the rugged beauty of Iceland’s landscapes, our collection of supporting articles will inspire you to embrace the world’s wonders with each stride.

Lace up your running shoes, push your boundaries, and embark on extraordinary adventures around the globe.

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