Running in Canada

Why trail run in Canada

Canada offers a wide range of trail running options, from rugged mountain trails to scenic coastal paths. The country’s diverse geography and four seasons also make it a popular destination for trail runners.

When to trail run in Canada

The best time to trail run in Canada depends on the region, but generally the summer and fall seasons are the most popular for running due to the mild temperatures and scenic foliage.

Popular trail running cities in Canada

Some popular trail running cities in Canada include Canmore, Banff, and Squamish in Alberta and British Columbia. These cities offer access to a variety of trails, including those in the surrounding mountains and forests.

Run travel in Canada

Run adventures in Canada

Rogue Expeditions – Run BC – This 8-day trip is an introduction to British Columbia’s rugged beauty by way of its trails. Explore northern British Columbia, including the Bella Coola valley and surrounding areas, the Great Bear Rainforest, the valleys, glaciers & lakes of Tweedsmuir Park, and the alpine meadows and peaks of the Chilcotin Plateau.

Run retreats in Canada

Run Wild Retreats – Canadian Rockies Trail Running Retreat – Take on the glaciers and mountains of the Canadian Rockies (and enjoy relaxing in the charming mountain lodges in Banff National Park) during this 7-day trail running retreat that’ll offer you glacier views, turquoise lakes, and jagged peaks as you practice intentional, mindful running in a open, uncrowded destination.

Run Wild Retreats – Vancouver Island Trail Running + Wellness Retreat – This 7-day trail running retreat will have you exploring old-growth rainforests on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island and run expansive beaches in Pacific Rim National Park as you practice mindfulness and embrace the great outdoors.

Canada run travel in 2023

See the updated list of confirmed run travel dates in Canada for 2023.

Bucket list trail races in Canada

Bucket list trail races in Canada include the Canadian Death Race, which takes place in Grande Cache, Alberta and the Grouse Grind Mountain Run, which takes place in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

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