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Running in Bali

Why trail run in Bali

Bali is a tropical paradise with a diverse range of landscapes, including rice terraces, jungles, and coastal areas, making it a great destination for trail running. The island also has a rich culture and spiritual heritage.

When to trail run in Bali

The best time to trail run in Bali is typically during the dry season which is between May and September, as the weather is dry and sunny.

Popular trail running cities in Bali

Some popular trail running destinations in Bali include Ubud, Mount Batur, and the Campuhan Ridge Walk. These areas offer scenic routes, with breathtaking views of rice terraces and jungles.

Run travel in Bali

Run adventures in Bali

Soul & Trail – Bali Running Retreat – With Ubud as your base, you’ll be running and exploring Bali’s exceptional natural beauty. Its trails will take you past waterfalls, by volcanoes, and alongside beaches. Stop and pay your respects at UNESCO World Heritage sites with Hindu temples and ancient shrines. Beyond the running, you’ll also be able to indulge in Balinese inspired culinary experiences, made with local ingredients.

Bucket list trail races in Bali

Some popular and challenging trail races in Bali include the Bali Canggu Trail Run, the Bali Ultra Trail Marathon and the Bali Barat National Park Trail Run.

More about running in Bali

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