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Tan While You Train At Running Camps In Florida

If you’re looking for a running camp in Florida, let me guess: you’re tired of layering up all winter long just to get your miles in.

The siren song of the Sunshine State is the offer of good weather all year round. And when you’re training for an early spring race and you need to get the mileage in, a little bit of sun could certainly help thaw out those cold bones and make those long runs even more enjoyable.

But does Florida have the right training elements for you? And is the timing going to fit in with your own schedule? These are just a few of the questions runners ask ahead of considering a running camp in Florida, and that’s what we’ll work on answering today.

With my experience running marathons in states across the country (and traveling to all 50 states), I hope to be able to help you pick your next Florida running camp.

So, let’s lace up and get going!

Why Sign Up For Running Camps In Florida

The Sunshine State

The average state in the U.S. gets 205 days of sunshine a year. Florida? They get 237 days of sunshine, a full month more than the average. If you are trying to beat the running blues from going for jogs under gray skies, this could be the cure.

Speed Over Elevation

Much of the appeal of running in Florida is about running by the beach, which tends to be flatter. While other run training camps from other states may boast training at elevation, training at sea level in Florida is a great chance to work on your speed while running at race pace.

Get Race Ready

Many of the most popular marathons happen between March and November. With the exception of the chillier New York Marathon in early November, many of these races are warmer. This makes Florida an excellent place to train for race day scenarios, including for hydration, nutrition, and gear.

Orlando Winter Run Training Camp

Want to beat the winter training doldrums? Come down to sunny Orlando, Florida for RunnersConnect’s Winter Training. For four days in February, you’ll enjoy access to soft, clay roads and trails, comfortable accommodations, and a snow-free weekend.

With coach-guided strength training sessions, 1-on-1 sessions, and runs adapted to your skill level, this is a perfect getaway for runners.

Where Is It: Orlando, FL – runners will stay at the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orlando Breeze Resort.

Who’s It For: Runners of all skill levels, with the weekend mileage often ranging from 3-20 miles.

How Much Is It: Runners can choose between a shared villa ($990) and the single villa ($1,195) for the weekend.

Where Do I Find Out More: Head to RunnersConnect’s official winter running retreat page.

Blue Mountain Summer Run Training Camp

For a little end of summer running fun, come down to Blue Mountain, FL and join coach Jeff Galloway and a small group of committed runners. At the Jeff Galloway Beach Retreat Weekend, runners will have access to the beach, the pool, and an extensive system of trails.

Equally as interesting is the concentrated time with Olympian Jeff Galloway, as runners here will be free to ask questions and participate in a range of running clinic sessions, including ones about increasing endurance, increasing speed, race training, and preventing injury.

Where Is It: Blue Mountain, FL

Who’s It For: All skill levels of runners who are looking to improve

How Much Is It: $364

Where Do I Find Out More: Head to the Blue Mountain Retreat Weekend page for all of the details.

Running Camps In Florida On Hiatus

While the Runners Connect and Jeff Galloway run training camps had 2022 editions, we came across a few others that have been on hiatus for at least a year. The last we checked there was still information posted, and our fingers are crossed they get back to these camps in 2023.

If you’d like to find out more, they’re here:

  • Strengthn Her Sole Running Retreats – Tampa, FL – Hosted three times in 2021, this running camp in Florida took place over four days and offered runners individual coaching, trail/beach/track running sessions, and plenty of group bonding time.
  • Becoming Ultra – St. Augustine, FL – Becoming Ultra offers a series of run retreats and run camps across the country. Though they have offered one in St. Augustine in the past, though their current offers are primarily in Colorado.

Want To Try A Running Camp Somewhere Else?

While the Sunshine State has its perks for runners, there are also 49 other states that could be calling your attention. 

For some runner favorites, you could try a trail running camp in Colorado or one of these running retreats in New England. For a broader overview, check out our favorite running retreats from all over the country.

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