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The Best Running Camps In Colorado

On the lookout for a challenging Colorado running camp? Want to up your training with a running camp Colorado? From its grass-covered eastern plains and the hilly Colorado Piedmont to the Rocky Mountains, Colorado has some of the best landscapes for running in the country. Where better to push your running to the next level?

Add on top of its natural beauty the average elevation of 6,800’ (of the 48 contiguous states, that’s the highest!), and it becomes clear to see why so many runners choose Colorado to train.

Colorado’s fame as a running destination is only bolstered by its legendary trail runs. The high-altitude Leadville 100 has been seeing its fair share of runners since 1983. While you have 30 hours to finish Leadville, another popular trail, the 120 mile TransRockies Run, gives you six days.

What do these two epic events have in common? You’ve got to be in pretty good shape to take them on. And where better to train for these Colorado trail runs than in Colorado itself?

Today we’re sharing some of the best running camps in Colorado. Check them out below!

Running Camp Colorado #1: Rocky Mountain Trail Camp

The Rocky Mountain Trail Camp takes place in Salida, Colorado. Surrounded by Colorado’s famous 14ers – those towering 14,000’ peaks – there are enough physically and mentally challenging trails here to push you to your limits.

Guided by a team of coaches and experts, runners of any level will advance along the backdrop of the sweeping Colorado mountains landscape. There are pacers and other options for the people who enjoy shorter or longer excursions, and every activity is voluntary – the perfect setup for a Colorado running camp.

Find out more about the Rocky Mountain Trail Camp at Becoming Ultra’s website

Running Camp Colorado #2: Spring Camp – Active At Altitude

Given that Estes Park is a veritable trail runner’s paradise, this Spring Camp is bound to help you reach your full running potential.

With more than 300 days of sun each year, clean air, and stunning views, this 7-day, 6-night running camp in Colorado has consistently impressed runners (100% report being “very satisfied with their overall camp experience”).

This week-long running camp exposes you to the beauties of Colorado with miles of trails criss-crossing the terrain and presenting options for newbies and veteran runners alike

Find out more about Spring Camp at Active At Altitude’s website.

Running Camp Colorado #3: Desert Highlights Trail Running Camp

The Colorado Grand Mesa may seem relatively flat, but it actually rises up about 6,000’ above the surrounding valleys, putting it at an elevation of 11,000’.

Sounds like a pretty good setting for a running camp if you ask us!

With the Desert Highlights Trail Running Camp, you’ll have time to explore not only the Grand Mesa, but also theColorado National Monument, Fruita, and Loma in this running camp in the desert landscape of western Colorado. 

For four days and three nights, you’ll be led by experienced coaches through challenging runs and special clinics as you take on trails through canyons, underneath towering monoliths, sweeping landscape and hidden arches.

A bonus? This running camp is located in the heart of Colorado wine country, and includes a meandering ~5-mile run with stops at wineries and meaderies along the way.

Learn more about this challenging weekend running camp at Becoming Ultra’s official website.

Running Camp Colorado #4: Leadville Trail 100 Run Camp

What better way to train for the Leadville Trail 100 than with its official running camp?

It is a camp that is open to all runners. Taking place over three days, this is a great opportunity to learn about the twists and turns of the legendary Leadville Trail 100. Familiarize yourself with the terrain during the day and at night.

As important as any trail is the time you’ll spend with your fellow runners and trainers here, sharing experiences and advice that’ll help you make it to the finish line by the 30-hour cutoff. Called “a long weekend of good food, good running, and good friends” the Leadville Trail 100 Run Camp in June is the ideal way to set yourself up for success in August.

Learn more about the Leadville Trail 100 Run Camp at Leadville’s official website.

Running Camp Colorado #5: Run With Her Trail Running Retreats

For women runners who are looking for trail running camps in Colorado, the Run With Her Retreats by Trail Sisters may be just what you’re looking for.

Designed to “increase womxn’s participation and opportunity in trail running and hiking through inspiration, education and empowerment” these two running camps – one in June and one in August – take place in Boulder, Colorado over 4 days and 3 nights.

These two retreats are meant to welcome women of all ages and abilities, with support from trainers for various pace groups and experiences. Runners will enjoy time on the Boulder Creek Path, Green Mountain, Betasso Preserve, and Mt. Sanitas with outings that range from a 4-mile shakeout run to 10-mile run/hike with over 2,300’ of elevation gain. More than just running, campers will also enjoy wilderness awareness training, yoga, trail techniques, yoga, and more – along with forming lifelong friendships over long runs and fire pits.

Learn more about Trail Sister’s Run With Her Retreats at their official website.

Running Camp Colorado #6: Elevated Retreats

Taking place in Salida, CO in the fall, the multi-day run retreat is specially designed to increase your appreciation for running.

Through a mix of Feldenkrais practices – a technique around reconnecting with the body and moving more efficiently – video analysis, personalized tips, and the stunning colors of the fall leaves of the Rocky Mountains, runners will get a whole-body approach to revitalizing their love for moving.

The benefits of the Feldenkrais method that are particularly relevant to runners include faster recovery times, less joint wear and tear, and more efficiency. Sign us up!

Find out more about Elevated Retreats winter and spring running retreats here.

Trail Run Adventures In Colorado

Hut Run Hut

Looking for a great way to apply all of your Colorado run training?

Meet Hut Run Hut.

This challenging 100-mile run takes place over 6 days and goes from Aspen, Colorado to Red Cliff, Colorado.

Days average between 10 miles and 25 miles along the Continental Divide, while nights are spent at 10th Mountain Division Huts. 

For 2022, the run will be done twice, first from September 11th through the 16th, and then from September 18th through the 23rd.

To entice you even further, we share this daunting description of the event: “Cell phone coverage will be non-existent, oxygen will be minimal, antics, fun and beauty will be at the highest level.”

To find out more about Hut Run Hut, including future event dates, head to their official website.

Finding Running Camps In Colorado

From training at elevation to taking on breathtaking run adventures (literally – the elevation is no joke), Colorado is made for runners. Still not convinced Colorado is for you? We’ve got a whole list of the other U.S.-based running retreats you can check out.

Not satisfied with running the U.S.? You can also find our guide to runs around the world here.

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