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Oregon Run Camps & Run Retreats For Exploring the Pacific Northwest

If you’re looking for a great Pacific Northwest running getaway, consider heading to a running camp Oregon.

Though Oregon needs little introduction as a great place to run – the birthplace of Nike, an incredible blend of Pacific coast trails and mountainous hikes, and one of the most active running communities in the country – it’s becoming more popular as a destination for running vacations in the US.

Still, we recognize that Oregon isn’t the *only* place you might look for a weeklong running retreat, so you’ll have a lot on your list of factors to consider. From challenging runs to new landscapes, from the cost of the trip to wanting to know that Oregon is the right place for you, we want to help you understand what your options are.

As runners who grew up on the Pacific coast, we are here to clear up any questions you might have about running vacations in Oregon.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of the main running vacations in Oregon, who they’re right for, and where you can find out more information.

So, without any further ado, let’s lace up and get started!

Running Camp Oregon By Region

What running travel companies may do better in Oregon than any other state is use the whole state. Though there may be running retreats throughout New England and a handful in Vermont, the only state that comes close as far as running retreat diversity is Colorado.

As you’ll see below, four distinct destinations in Oregon are touched on – Central, Southwest, Northeast, and ones focused around Mt. Hood, just outside of Portland, Oregon. 

This is testament not only to the high level of running interest in Oregon, but also to the number of incredible landscapes and environments to run through.

Central Oregon Running Camp

For one of the best ways to explore Oregon by running, Rogue Expeditions’ Run Oregon trip is a must-try.

Over six days, you’ll immerse yourself in the outdoor mecca that is Central Oregon, from its mountain air and forest trails to its waterfalls, rivers, and more. Runners will stay at three locally-owned lodges during the trip in Crooked River Canyon, Westfir, and by the McKenzie River.

Daily runs will be between 4-6 miles, with one longer run up to 14 miles, all set on your new favorite trails (can you tell we’d rather be running there right now?).

And if you’re into rafting, you’ll also be delighted to know that most trips involve a little bit of river time, too. 

For a running camp Oregon that showcases all of Central Oregon’s natural delights, get on the list for Rogue Expeditions’ upcoming Run Oregon trips.

Central Oregon Running Retreat – Women Only

Another Mother Runner’s Redmond and Central Oregon Running Retreat takes runners to one of the most stunning parts of Oregon: the high desert. Its mix of snowy volcanic peaks, juniper trees, and river-carved valleys makes for one of the more unique Oregon running adventures.

On top of that, this women-only running retreat in Oregon brings together a supportive running community from all over the country. Enjoy the company of runners of all levels as you run through Smith Rock State Park, enjoy relaxing yoga sessions, and even attempt a little bit of post-run karaoke!

Bigger than traditional running retreats, Another Mother Runner is special in the way they cultivate a positive, energetic feel – all helped by renting out the entire host hotel!

For a restorative, reenergizing weekend running in Central Oregon, check out Another Mother Runner’s Retreat in Central Oregon.

Mt. Hood Running Camp Oregon

As the highest mountain in Oregon (and a potentially active volcano), Mt. Hood is one of the Beaver State’s most notable landmarks. It’s also one of its best trail running locations, with trails offering a challenging mix of trail and mountain running.

Located at Mt. Hood’s base is the Mazama Lodge, the home on the mountains for Mazamas, a nonprofit mountaineering education organization. Who better to put on a running camp Oregon than from the people dedicated to the protection and preservation of the mountains?

This Mazamas Mt. Hood Running Camp is organized for three experience levels:

  • Mountain Running Camp: Intro – For 3 days and 2 nights, runners interested in honing their mountain running skills will do group runs, a bootcamp, a hill running clinic, and more in the gorgeous setting at the foot of Mt. Hood.
  • Mountain Running Camp: Intermediate – Over 3 days and more than 10+ miles per day, runners will work on circumnavigating the 42 miles around Mt. Hood while using the Mazama Lodge as a base camp.
  • Mountain Running Camp: Ultra – In addition to 3 days and 2 nights at the Mazama Lodge, you’ll tackle the full circumnavigation of Mt. Hood (42 miles and 6,000’ of elevation gain) in a single day.

Mazamas put a hold on their running camps recently, so we’ll update this with dates when more news is available for the camps’ return in 2023.

Southwest Oregon Running Retreat

Ready to take on a part of Oregon that’s still wild and rugged? Max King’s Rogue River Trail Running Camp will take you to the southwest corner of Oregon for an intense and invigorating week of trail running, education, and nutrition.

Based in Galice, Oregon, this running camp offers more than access to your new favorite running trails. They’re also dedicated to a more holistic approach, with workshops on trail running technique, forest stewardship, nutrition, trail maintenance training and impact, trail etiquette, map reading and navigation skills, and more.

For a retreat that will improve your running as much as it enhances your appreciation for where you’re running, give this Max King Trail Running Camp a look

Northeast Oregon Running Retreat – Women Only

Key Running’s 3-day run retreat at the Minam River Lodge in northeast Oregon is a moment away from the busyness of life. Your adventure begins with an 8-mile run into the Minim River Valley. 

From there, you’ll have days of guided trail runs, down time, and fresh Oregon air at an acclaimed luxury river lodge with meals prepared by a James Beard award-winning chef.

(There’s also a riverside sauna and wood-fired hot tub, if you need the temptation!)

Pair these runs with mindful meditations and yoga for a truly restorative run retreat in Oregon. The 2022 October edition was postponed to 2023, so be sure to check Key Running’s site for the latest information

Other Run Holidays in the U.S.

Not sure that a running camp Oregon is the right spot for you? Curious what other running retreats there are throughout the U.S.? 

We’ve got you covered with our roundup of the best running retreats 2023. Want to take your vacation a bit further? You can find our country-by-country guide to running holidays here.

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