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Run Tour & Run Tourism Development

Running is more than just a way for people to keep in shape. More and more, runners are choosing to use this passion as a way to explore the world.

The tour operators and destinations who are best able to capture this high-income, eco-conscious market will position themselves well for the future as travelers increasingly look for experiential, low-impact, sustainable tourism activities to pursue.

Why Develop Run Tourism?

Run tourism is a unique niche that allows countries to welcome in tourists that have a positive impact on the local economy while having a negligible impact on the environment. This combination of high-dollar tourist with the rise and importance of sustainable tourism and slow tourism makes runners an ideal niche to target for tour operators and regions going forward.

And Long Run Travel can help you develop this.

How Can Long Run Travel Help With Run Tours?

With experience working directly in marketing and developing tours in countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, and others, as well as having industry-leading knowledge in the international run tour market, Long Run Tours is uniquely positioned to help tour operators extend their offerings to attract run tourists.

We are equipped to assist your marketing and development efforts remotely. We are also open to helping develop itineraries and work with teams locally.

How Long Run Travel Can Help Develop Run Tourism In Your Destination

With experience in international tourism development on both a local and national level, Long Run Travel is equipped to help provide support for regions looking to develop themselves as a run tourism destination. That can include as a host for national and international running events, development of races, and the development of trails to attract international tour operators.

We are able to produce research and investigations remotely. We are also open to working with tourism stakeholders, both public and private, at your destination.

For help developing run tours and run tourism, please get in touch.

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