Run Retreats

Runs. Relaxation. Relief.

There’s nothing like a good run to help the stresses of the world melt away. With a run retreat, you’ll find that relief in an idyllic locale surrounded by likeminded runners looking for a moment away from the busy world.

If the idea of waking up without an alarm, running in some of the world’s most beautiful spots, meditating, and eating well sound like paradise, read on for how to find your next run retreat.

What Are Run Retreats?

Run retreats are several day trips designed to help you feel better. Involving a mix of running, great food, and restorative moments like massage, meditation, and yoga, run retreats are an absolute delight.

Unlike a run adventure (which focuses on using running to explore the world) and run camps (which are focused purely on the technique of running), a run retreat is a holistic approach to feeling like your best self — with a dash of running involved.

These can range from leisurely weekends to full weeks dedicated to your care. While running may be a daily activity, it is far from the only one. Group yoga, farm-to-table dinners, and introspective moments — all led by experienced runners, coaches, yogis, and chefs.

Where To Find Run Retreats

Run retreats are becoming increasingly popular, and they’re a wonderful way to see a new corner of the world. From run retreats throughout the United States to ones in exotic locations like Madeira, Portugal, there are plenty to choose from.

We’ll be sharing exhaustive lists of run retreats by state and by country shortly. For now, review our recent blogs, stories, and round-ups of run retreats below.

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