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Run your own path.

Running is an adventure on its own. So, why not up the ante and add that adventure to your next trip? With a run adventure, your running shoes aren’t just the first thing you pack — they’re the reason you’re packing in the first place.

If you’re idea of a good adventure includes running every day and seeing sights most others won’t ever reach, read on for how to your next run adventure.

What Are Run Adventures?

Run adventures are one of the best ways to see the world. Ranging from intense weekends to beautiful weeks, a run adventure features near-daily runs designed to push your limits and introduce you to parts of the world most normal travelers will never see.

These differ from run camps (which generally keep the run training focused in a single spot) and run retreats (a more laidback, holistic experience). Run adventures are about using where you’re at as a runner to get out and get exploring.

While run adventures feature running, the destination never takes second place. From coffee tastings in Costa Rica to community visits in Tanzania, the run adventure is a way to experience the world through the lens of your favorite athletic endeavor.

Where To Find Run Adventures

Run adventures can be found the world over offered by a number of experienced run adventure companies. These run adventures can be found in the U.S., throughout North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

And yes, there are even some Antarctic run adventures!

To help you find the right run adventure for you, we’re doing features on the places and companies leading the industry. We’ve also got a list of run adventures by country that you can find here.

In addition to these features, check below for recent blogs, stories, and round-ups of run adventures below.

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mont blanc running travel

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